10 Enigmatic Price Behaviors In Trading:How To Profit Consistently In The Market By Exploiting These Price Action Anomalies

| May 2, 2015


Trading Charts Don't Lie: 10 Enigmatic Price Action Behaviors In Online Trading: How To Exploit These Price Action Anomalies When Day Trading And Swing Trading

Have you ever felt there are too many dramatic headlines in the financial news?

Which is kind of ironic because investing and trading should be rational instead of emotional, wouldn’t you agree?

Many traders and investors are too caught up with the latest developing news, the most sophisticated trading software, or the most reliable trading indicators out there.

As if they were important.

This battle has been going on for close to 2 years, but let me ask you this: In the Herbalife battle between Bill Ackman (bearish) vs. Carl Icahn (bullish), who have been right all along?

In July 22nd, 2014, Carl Icahn made $234 million on his Herbalife stake but so far in 2015, Bill Ackman was the big winner as HLF stock fell about 50% from the time Carl Icahn made his fortune.

Who was right? To be frank, no one knows since these investors were not required to disclose their holdings.

Despite the drama between two of the most prominent investors in our time, there were people who actually made fortune buying HLF in May 2014 and selling HLF in September 2014.

Sure, these people did not make $234 million. But wouldn’t you agree that $234,000 was not a bad amount at all?

These people were both traders and investors at the same time. How so?

What if I tell you there is a key, a holy grail, to be never lose money in the market?

What if I tell you there is a leading trading indicator that can predict the direction of a market, whether it is the stock, bond, futures, commodity, or even real estate market?

Unfortunately, there is none.

Nevertheless, there is a leading indicator that we all can exploit when trading and investing in ANY market.

Stocks. Bonds. Commodities. Options. Futures Market.

The price action itself.

While TVs and newspaper were busy trying to get people’s attention, the price action, depicted on stock charts, never care about the drama the world create.

Price action just keeps moving, up and down. Expansion or contraction.

And the price action hardly lies like people.

In this book, you will learn about 10 price action anomalies that are exploitable to be consistently profitable in the market.

Some of them would definitely be new for you, but some of them have been out there forever.

Whether you are trading for a living, a beginner, an investor, investing for your retirement, or a seasoned professional, this book will help you to reach the next level.

To be a consistently profitable investor.

People lie, but price action tells the truth most of the time. It is just bedazzling how people love to yell on TV while discussing their investment because keeping emotion under check is one of the most important skills in investing and trading.

The truth is out there. —-The X-Files

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