Hierarchies of Greed

| May 3, 2015


Hierarchies of Greed

When a major Soviet espionage cell at the heart of MI5 is betrayed and its members arrested the finger of suspicion points to someone in the Kremlin, and when that same man secretly meets with the British in Geneva, pint-sized State Security Chief Stanislav Paslov realizes that the ruling Presidium has a traitor.

To find and destroy such an adversary Paslov will need powerful allies, but who can he trust? Moscow is in turmoil. Joseph Stalin is dying, and the vultures are gathering. The Presidium is at war with itself, and division and treachery are everywhere.

Meanwhile, in Washington’s relative calm, U.S. Intelligence chief Gerald Hammond discovers a colleague passing information to the Soviets, but what information did he pass and who sanctioned the deed?

As one spymaster follows the thread of intrigue and treachery from Moscow, the other follows the opposite end of the same thread from Washington. Before they are done each man will discover his own version of the truth. He will also come to question himself, and everything that he once believed in.

“Fast paced, and an intelligently intricate delivery of a great thriller.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Pacey, absorbing, believable and very good.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Totally excellent book! From page one to the end of the book I literally couldn’t put it down.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Fast, detailed, credible and intriguing the proverbial page turner and a really good book.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Sharply detailed, with no dull moments.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Loved the book, fast paced spy thriller which was easy to get into.” – Amazon Reviewer


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