The Starvation Games: A Hunger Games Parody

| May 3, 2015


Hunger Games: Parody - The Starvation Games Starring Jennifer Lawrence! (comic books, parody books, hunger games, dystopian, jennifer lawrence Book 1)

Look Out Hunger Games, Here Come the Starvation Games!

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Do you love the Hunger Games series? Have you seen all the movies? Do you and your friends love to joke about your favorite Hunger Games characters?

When you download The Starvation Games, you’ll laugh until you cry! Scene-by-scene, this delightful comic lampoons this famous story and its memorable characters.

Do the character names in the Hunger Games sound funny to you? Do you want to learn more jokes to tell your friends? Would you like to see if other people think the same way about this popular story as you do?

The Starvation Gamesmakes fun of the names, people, and places of the Hunger Games story. You’ll laugh at their misadventures and how they face the many challenges of the Starvation Games.

Do you love irreverent humor? Was the Hunger Games just begging for mockery? Do you love making fun of pop culture?

If so, then this comic book provides all of the pop-culture references and satire that you crave. Have a great time reading and reading this humorous tale.

Download The Starvation Games now, and have a big laugh with your friends and family!

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You’ll be so glad you did!


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