Destined to Soar

| May 3, 2015


Destined to Soar

You are destined to soar. Flying lessons included.

Our lives feel so cluttered—our schedules, our houses, our minds—Sometimes we don’t even know what we should be thinking anymore.

Come up higher where the air is crisp and clean.

Like a breath of fresh air, K.P Yohannan calls us far above this world where the air is clear and we can see again. These short, hard-hitting chapters keep you thinking and confront you with change. You will discover that there is a purpose for your struggles and a way to walk through them with joy, peace and trust in the Living God. Time and time again, you are brought face-to-face with what is really important.

This is a call to live for another world.

If you allow this book to sink into your heart, you’ll begin to soar with wonder for the Lord, respect for mankind and a greater desire for this world to know Jesus Christ.

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