Dinosaur Books For Kids: The Menacing Meat-Eaters

| May 3, 2015


Dinosaur Books For Kids: The Menacing Meat-Eaters

5 Star Verified Amazon Reviews for “The Menacing Meat-Eaters”:

***** “An excellent travel companion for children” by Medeia123

***** “Dino-Myte!” by Purlom

***** “Great family activity” by Sandra Mohan

***** “awesome” by Diva Book Club

Dinosaur books for kids are often filled with boring facts and words that even some adults have no idea how to pronounce. It may come as no surprise to you to hear that the dinosaur books for children that are most popular are the simple dinosaur picture books. While these types of children’s dinosaur books are very enjoyable for young children and emerging readers, many older children prefer dinosaur books that combine both pictures and interesting facts. Even so, pages and pages of text and pictures about dinosaurs can still become boring unless the reader can be somehow challenged and engaged.

Introducing the next generation of kids dinosaur books! “The Menacing Meat-Eaters” combines the winning combination of text and pictures plus introducing the new element of “game play” into this mix. For many young readers, this new combination may get their vote as the best dinosaur books for kids since the interactive quiz book style provides them with all the key ingredients to make learning about dinosaurs challenging and fun. Recommended for boys and girls ages 8+

Kids, are you are ready to learn and test your knowledge about some of the most terrifying meat-eating dinosaurs that have ever walked on surface of our planet in an exciting and engaging way? Do you wish to discover prehistoric creatures with strange sounding names like “Tyrannosaurs”, “Velociraptor”, “Giganotosaurus” and many more? If so, then get ready to embark on your primeval adventure in this new style of dinosaur books for kids.


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