The Death of Danny Daggers

| May 4, 2015


The Death of Danny Daggers


Cardiff. The last few days of summer.

Danny Daggers is about to die. He just doesn’t realise it yet.

A Leeds University student with a very popular YouTube channel, Danny Daggers is taking his alcohol-downing stunts on tour.

He’s about to find out that not everyone’s a fan.

Ji Eun is a Korean student doing work experience at the South Wales Post.

Rory Gallagher is the alcoholic veteran journo who’s mentoring her.

Carnage in Cardiff might be just what they need to begin and revive their respective careers.

Tom and Joseph work at one of Cardiff’s many call centres.

Tom is fed up of working boring jobs and living for the weekend.

Joseph is just happy to have a job.

Then there’s the Amstell brothers.

Simon’s just escaped from prison. And he happens to be the father of Joseph’s girlfriend’s son.

And his brothers happen to be psychopaths.

These stories collide and intersect over a frantic few days of heavy drinking, drugs and ultraviolence, set against a backdrop of dystopian modern Britain.


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