Cures for the Double Whammy of Being Fat and In Debt

| April 20, 2013


Healthy Habits: 9 Biblical Principles to Help You Lose Weight and Get Rid of Debt

Are you a Christian who wants to have a life of living healthy habits?

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting – losing weight only to gain it back and more too? Do you find that there is too much month left over after the end of the money? Are you feeling like “what’s the use anyway?”

Does your discouragement with your size make you feel down on yourself and you try to make yourself feel better by buying something?

As believers, you and I both know that the answers are in God’s Word.

This book will show you healthy habits by using the biblical principles that helped me solve my struggles and they can help you too.

    In “Healthy Habits: 9 Biblical Principles to Help You Lose Weight and Get Rid of Debt,” you will learn:


  • Why weight and debt issues can be



  • How I suffered with an emotional hole that I tried filling up the wrong way



  • What overeating and overspending are outward manifestations of



  • 9 Biblical principles to implement immediately to help you reduce your weight and your debt



  • Use the action steps suggested for each principle



  • Find out resources available to you to help you with both issues



  • Learn 5 stumbling blocks and how to overcome them and be victorious


And much, much more.

Are you ready to create healthy habits that will reduce your weight AND your debt?

Download this book now and start your journey toward optimum weight and freedom from debt for yourself.

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