To Disturb The Dead: a novelette

| May 5, 2015


To Disturb The Dead: a novelette

“Frightful shivers! I couldn’t put it down!”
“Teenage love, madness, a cemetery, and a dead body!”
“A unique twist on the zombie tale!”
“The ending was completely unexpected!”

-Amazon reviewers

“Wanna help me dig up a dead body?”

Kathy Mender’s obsession with darkness takes her to the brink of madness. So, much so, she longs to unearth a dead body. When Bobby Farks, her faithful lover, gets word, he has to see it for himself.  He follows her to Rose Hill Cemetery in the early hours of a frigid January morning, but what he discovers is far more than unrequited love…

And the dead have a plan of their own…


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