Boe The Great

| April 13, 2013


Boe The Great

After being thrown away from the army because of his small size, Boe the Barbarian search for a new meaningful direction in life. Boe’s quest takes a surprising turn when he discovers his hidden talent.

Join Boe at his journey of self discovery.

Before you grab your copy of Boe the Great, check out this awesome video of the book (Copy and paste the link in your browser or search youtube for “Boe the Great”)

What people are saying about “Boe the Great”:

“Lovely story, very special idea…funny and educational at the same time.. The kids loved it and I also enjoyed tell them the story, waiting for your next book!” Elizabeth R.

“Probably one of the finest children’s book I’ve read lately. The beautiful illustration and appealing story really lured me into this imaginary world for a few minutes.” Roy Granit

My children, age 4 & 5, love this book! The illustrations are breath taking, way above most Kindle books I viewed in the past. The story is very cute with an educational value. Chantal

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