Freaky Deaky High: Killer Ride

| April 13, 2013


Freaky Deaky High: Killer Ride


Adam is stoked. He just turned 16. He wants a car more than anything… Well, almost more than anything. See, there’s this girl. But not just any girl. Her name is Ashley Johnson. Adam is convinced that if he can get his hands on a car, he can get his hands on — or at least have a chance with Ashley.

One small problem. Ashley is dating the star running back on the football team, Deuce McCallister. Adam hates that guy. And not just because he’s dating Ashley. Deuce is a total jerk. If only Ashley realized how Adam truly felt about her — that it’s more than some geeky sophomore schoolboy crush — she’d drop Deuce in a hot second. If only Adam had a way to show her… If only he had a car…


On the night of his sixteenth birthday Adam finds a Corvette in the woods with the keys in the ignition, and he decides to take it. Bad move. This is no ordinary ride. It’s akiller ride.

Just as things begin to turn in Adam’s favor, the car starts acting strange. It even tries to run down Deuce! It’s as if the car has a mind of its own… But cars don’t drive themselves, right? Soon, what seemed like Adam’s dream car turns out to be his worst nightmare. The angry owner shows up to take the Corvette back, and before Adam knows it, his very life is in danger.

Can Adam figure out what’s causing the car to act on its own? Can he win the heart of the girl he loves? But most of all, can he protect her from the wrath of hisKILLER RIDE?

Supernatural. Paranormal. Freaky Deaky.

A young adult thriller,KILLER RIDE is book #1 in theFreaky Deaky High franchise.

What isFreaky Deaky High? Good question. Glad you asked.Freaky Deaky High is a YA series of creepy teen adventure books — wait, scratch that. These stories have way more than just “teen adventure.” Romance, mystery, thrills and chills, this collection of teen horror stories prove just how terrifying high school can be.

Each book centers around a different student at Franklin Delano High School. And FYI, Franklin Delano High isn’t like other schools. Strange things happen there. Strange students go there. In fact, the stories that come out of F.D.H. are so strange that the kids have a pet name for it…

They call itFreaky Deaky High.

But something else is going on there. Something more than strange… Somethingevil…

Sure, the hallways of Franklin Delano High are filled with ordinary kids trying to navigate the pitfalls of adolescence; working hard to get good grades, experiencing the joy and heartbreak of teenage romance. But what do you do when your teenage romance turns into a teenage horror story?

For the students atFreaky Deaky High, getting good grades and falling in love are the least of their worries. They have a much more urgent priority. Staying alive.

Scroll up and click the cover to look inside this freaky young adult thriller… If you dare.


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