Off flew the hat

| May 6, 2015


Off flew the hat

“Off flew the hat” – Nili Ariely’s book, begins with a simple scene from the daily life of infants: The wind blows off Emma’s hat, while strolling with her grandmother. When Emma reaches for the hat, she discovers it’s moving. What could be hiding under the hat? Emma picks it up and acquires a new friend – a cat.

This is a story about curiosity, about the wonderful way infants discover the world and explore it – how curiosity leads to a game and a friendship. A wonderful book for parents and children alike.

Nili Ariely – B.Ph and M.F.A, an active artist and writer. Nili has written and illustrated children’s comics in a youth magazine.

Nili is a mother and a grandmother. Her strolls with her grandchildren enabled her to experience the world from a young child’s point of view.


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