No Damage: An adventure in courage, survival and the pursuit of dreams

| May 8, 2015


No Damage: An adventure in courage, survival and the pursuit of dreams

‘So you know how it is when you finish a really good book you feel a bit bereft at the loss of the characters and the story you’ve become engrossed in….this is how I felt on finishing No Damage.’

‘I feel as though I’ve looked into somebody’s soul…I can’t help but have the greatest sense of being incredibly privileged to have read such a moving insight into a total stranger’s life.’

‘Her determination to never give up or let her fears hold her back is the stuff that Hollywood films are made of.’

‘Downright inspirational.’

‘Proof that you really do have the tools to change your own life.’

‘I have never been so moved by a book before…You are on an emotional journey with her, crying at the saddest parts, laughing out loud at the hilarious parts and by the end feeling absolutely inspired and motivated!’

‘A brilliant lesson in how to keep going even when your world is falling apart.’

No Damage is an inspiring and uplifting look at one woman’s journey to survive two runaway grooms whilst coping with cancer, the loss of her career and more. Kathryn’s optimistic tale of hope, adventure travel and an unexpected stint in a South African prison explores how, as a single 30-something woman with just one suitcase and a head full of emotional baggage, she conquered her fears to pursue her passions. This memoir is both a hilarious true story of the power of positive thinking and a self help guide to overcoming loss, following you heart and creating the life you want.


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