Shadows of Night

| May 9, 2015


Shadows of Night

On the fast track with the Seattle police department, officer Wesley Bennett didn’t think life could get any sweeter. His boss Eddie was more like a brother, and his wife Rita seemed like the perfect woman.

Then Sharon came along, a beautiful bundle of joy they all adored, no one more than Wesley.

When Sharon vanishes in one horrible moment, their world changes. Wesley is plagued with nightmares and haunted by unanswered questions. Soon he begins to drown his sorrows, obsessing over Sharon’s disappearance, and their makeshift family is torn apart.

Ten years later, Wesley finds himself alone, living in a hotel room, drunk and unable to move past the memory of Sharon. A phone call turns his already upside down world around on its axis and thrusts the three of them together again.

Once Wesley learns the truth and comes face to face with the surrogate family he lost, he spins out of control.

As he struggles to escape his misery, the nightmares seem to take shape and grow until Wesley can no longer discern between reality and the nightmares. Worse, he’s not so sure anymore that the dreams aren’t reality.

Now his life is on the line while Eddie and Rita race to save him. What they don’t know is that even with a little help, only Wesley can save himself … and help sometimes comes from the most unexpected places.


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