The Wedding Guest

| May 9, 2015


Interracial Romance: The Wedding Guest: An eShort Story (Interracial Romance: BMWW Book set in South Africa, Short Stories)

An original BMWW interracial romance perfect for days on the go when short and sweet hits the spot!

Attorney Robert Coetzer was standing outside the ballroom, for better or worse.

A bonafide member of the group of buddies dubbed “Steve’s Rhythm Band,” there was no way he could’ve turned down this invitation to take part in his good friend Steve’s wedding.

But when Robert arrives for the festivities, he pauses outside the ballroom before going in…

Because an old flame flickers behind those doors, one that had left a broken heart in its wake. Had Rob and Natalie’s flame burned bright enough to see themselves anew after all this time? Bright enough to survive fierce opposition?

THE WEDDING GUEST is an uplifting romantic eShort story about friendship and loyalty, healing broken hearts, and about how, deep down, we all truly desire to love each other as ourselves!

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