Aftertaste (A Constant Thread Book 1)

| May 9, 2015


Aftertaste: Original Creative Works by Linkin Letters (A Constant Thread Book 1)

New Book Launch – Free today only Saturday, May 9th

Follow the thread…

…a unique string of emotions through an intense timeline.

Experience the scenes written so vividly the reader is transported to a world through the author’s eyes.

Beautifully Crafted Poetry

See the author’s feelings and thoughts jump off the page, and watch them evolve. Experience the constant amidst the tumultuous change; the most intense moments channeled into poetry. Distilled from life’s most compelling scenes into captivating verses.

Brief and Potent

This collection of life’s moments, poems of love’s trials, and beautifully visual verses are the perfect escape from the ordinary. Infuse some creativity into you day and challenge your mind to dream.

100% Original Writing

If you are looking for fresh and creative expression, enjoy the Aftertaste.


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