Monsters In Your Head

| May 10, 2015


Monsters In Your Head


Shaynie was born to be a satanic priestess. In preparation for her destiny she is tortured and brainwashed. Although her fractured mind is a playground for demons, her heart cries out for something more than the torment she has endured for so long.

Ana is an unwanted child who was dumped in an orphanage. Terrified of the supernatural beings that stroll through her mind at will, her world is a dark and scary place. Who will believe her if she discloses what she sees?

Monsters In Your Head is a horrifying yet ultimately inspiring story. As you look at these precious souls through Serena’s eyes, you will be awestruck by the bravery they show in the most trying of circumstances. You will see the Hand of God deliver them from the terror that walks by night, and you will rejoice to discover a world where love is the currency and evil is finally restrained.


Great writing! Amazing story. Incredible. Those words don’t even begin to cover what array of emotions I experienced while reading this book. SB, Alberta, Canada

The whole thing is mind-blowing. I love it! Part of it is funny and touching and part of it is terrifying. I have learned so much reading this book. JS, Montverde, FL


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