| May 10, 2015


Christian Fiction: Broken (Christian Fiction, Christian Books, Christian Suspense, Religious Books, Christian Fiction Suspense)

All is perfect with the Mallory family. Peaceful and respected members in their town and church community, the Mallorys live a life blessed with joy.

Behind closed doors, the Mallory family struggles with substance abuse, verbal abuse, and misguided faith in the strength of man instead of faith in God.

The Mallory’s son Kevan is involved in drinking and driving and causes the Mallorys to confront unresolved feelings over a tragic family death and the specter of a family lie that may destroy them forever.


Kevan Mallory saw his name scrawled onto a pad by a precinct officer. The cop scribbled it down before he wrote into the police station

PC. The officer had typed DUI into the computer.

Kevan sat in the back of the family’s Lexus and looked at the road. Kevan’s eyes and Topher’s eyes connected when Topher looked at Kevan in the rearview mirror. Kevan had never felt so alone in all of his life, not since the night his sister Rise died.

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