| May 13, 2015



Ingrid is a story created by three members of one family through words, illustrations and music.

(Author-Lynnette Kraft, Illustrator-Abigail Kraft, Composer-Jared Kraft)

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Scot is a small and charming village accented by thatch roofs, robust gardens, a town square, and cobblestone streets. A lush and wild woods surrounds the village. The people of Scot are humble, caring, and hard working. The men wear their hair long and work with their hands and the women of the village busy themselves with the daily (and frequently tasty) duties of the home.

But trouble is looming in Scot. Bitter hearts and a need for revenge are at the root of the trouble. While one seems to be the culprit, there is another who is hiding behind a disguise. There is only one who can make a difference and it’s the person you’d least expect.

Ingrid is the youngest member of the well-liked, Harrison family. The only daughter in a family of seven sons. Ingrid is sixteen years old, has unusually brilliant golden hair, mysterious brown eyes and is completely mute. Lost in a fog of self-pity over her silence, Ingrid is shy and withdrawn. Ingrid has only one friend – Adair Pole, a sixteen year old boy who longs for a relationship with his father. His father is the villagers’ worst enemy – a ruthless landlord who owns over half of the cottages in Scot.

Ingrid and Adair’s friendship provides solace in their difficult worlds. They spend much of their time in the woods surrounding the village, where they’ve created a little hideaway called Adagrid – a place they named by combining their own names. From those same woods, the Kunbion materialize. They enter through a swirling wind, a dense fog and a pulsing earth. It is an unwitnessed, but grand, entrance. The Kunbion are magnificent with their long white hair that is knotted and twisted like the roots of a tree. Their eyes are vibrant and their garments are made of beautiful pieces of the earth. The Kunbion are eventually seen by the villagers, but never remembered . . . except by Ingrid. The Kunbion have come to help.

Things begin to change in Scot when the villagers are faced with the possibility of forced upheaval, the mystery of a murderous conspiracy and the miraculous touch of a destiny changing its course. After Adair Pole and his mother mysteriously disappear from Scot, Ingrid Harrison, charged and aided by the Kunbion, sets off to find them. Along the way, Ingrid becomes lost, encounters a band of gypsies, and arrives at the shocking revelation that changes everything for her, for her friend, and ultimately for her entire village.

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