Stephen Hawking Vs Albert Einstein: Men of Science, Men of Great Minds

| May 12, 2015



One Little Book Two Big Heroes

Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein are literally two of the most intelligent men ever, their brilliant ideas changed the world!

These two men have created some of the most influential philosophies and mathematical equations the world has ever seen!

This book is a friendly comparison between Stephen Hawking, who created a mathematical theory of just about everything and Albert Einstein who split the atom.

This book is a short read comparing and contrasting our two favorite, really smart, math and philosophy guys!

In this book you will learn who these men are, more about their personal lives, and also get more into their psychology, their philosophy, and all of those theories that changed almost everything.

We will see how these men were raised, what their childhoods were like and what their education consisted of.

Without Albert Einstein we would not have the television, without Stephen Hawking we would know much less about outer space and be much more horrified of black holes.

If Albert Einstein was alive today what would these two men agree on? Surprisingly… a lot.

Stephen and Albert may be from completely different generations, however, both men were really into black holes Albert’s black hole may have been a little smaller than Stephens, but both of these men really liked women, both having their own little flings at times.

Although Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking were alike in so many ways, these two men did have some differences, for example; Stephen was really great with kids, Albert not so much. One very interesting thing, is Stephen loved great music playing loud to get in the flow of work. Albert on the other hand, needed complete silence. Stephen Hawking was a people person and absolutely loved all of his popularity to the point that it actually interfered with his relationships, on the other hand Albert Einstein liked to be alone and did not like to be bothered by the media; there was even a time where someone walked up to him on the street and he pretended not to be the great Albert Einstein just to get away from them.

These two men were both highly motivated at a young age to understand how things worked. Stephen was into things as big as space, while Albert was into things as little as the atom.

When Stephen found out about his ALS it changed everything. This was the turning point in his life that pushed him off the edge, this is where his career started to take off.

Einstein simply knew at a young age that he wanted to figure out the unknowns of the universe.

These two men will always be remembered because, their philosophies and ideas changed the world forever. This book truly needed to be written to honor two of the most creative minds that ever lived.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

~ Stephen Hawking

“You never fail until you stop trying.”

~ Albert Einstein



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