Android Paradox (Android X Book 1)

| May 14, 2015


Android Paradox (Android X Book 1)

When two equally intelligent androids face off against each other, who wins?

The year is 2300. Humans and androids live in peace after a devastating singularity and years of war.

Xandifer “X” Crenshaw is a special agent android for the United Earth Alliance. His job is to track down rogue androids and destroy them to keep the world safe.

When another android agent goes maverick and starts a killing spree, the fallout could shatter the alliance between humans and androids forever. X hunts him down, but what seems like a simple operation turns weird fast when X discovers that he’s up against something far more sinister that is just as intelligent as him. And whatever it is, is also holds the key to X’s forgotten past.

The future belongs to humans and androids…or is that a paradox?

Interview with the Author

Q – What makes the Android X series special?

It’s got everything you love about science fiction thrillers–androids, crazy weapons, cool technology, a fast-paced plot and characters you’ll care about. But I blend those into my own quirky, visual style inspired by graphic novels and video games. The series is a unique blend of science fiction, action/adventure, thriller, and pulp fiction.

Q – Why did you write this series?

I’ve always wanted to write books about robots and androids. I’ve always been endlessly fascinated by artificial intelligence fiction, but it’s usually so dark. I wanted to write a positive vision of the future in my own style.

Q – How can readers find out about new books in this series?

My mailing list of Fearless Readers always get updates on my new book releases first. They can also get new books for free by getting advance review copies. You can sign up at

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