Legion of the Moonlight: Book One

| May 17, 2015


Legion of the Moonlight (Paranormal Mystery Thriller): Book One (1)

Fresh new paranormal mystery series… Brings on the pages that are hard to put down!

If you are looking for an epic story that thrills and moves emotionally; of the mystery & paranormal type, then this one has it all? Legion of the Moonlight is an unpredictable interweaved plot that starts with a group of High School teens that frequent a favorite rural area of their home town where they love to party. But the sinister story takes a turn when they mock and upset a mysterious force that they had never heard of before. A series of thrilling and twisting episodes that evolve into the mysterious stages that leads you to the need for closure… Guaranteed!

A small Northern California town is shaken up when a paranormal force invades the community. It is an unseen force that can and does kill it’s victims by using hosts to aid in its dirty work. The story is centered on a town where most know each other. They have not seen anything like what hits them nor have there ever been any folk lore that the majority of its occupants have ever heard of.

When the mysterious deaths start to happen the people are running scared and have to find out what or who is doing all the gruesome attacks. This fiction thriller is about something paranormal that likes the moonlight from which it is drawn out to energize, but it leaves a physical and deadly footprint behind.

>>>Intense, epic, mysterious, and thrilling. This story becomes one you will always remember. Legion of the Moonlight includes some romance, but shocks as well, come to know the characters, and be mystified to keep you wondering!

This book is intended for moderate to mature audiences!

Book one begins with your getting to know the town and a paranormal experience that starts the entire saga which ensues. So grab a copy and just start reading today…and enjoy!

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