Life, Everlasting

| May 18, 2015


Life, Everlasting

What happens when we die? What is heaven like and what happens in eternity?

When Peter woke up, he had no memory of his life. He didn’t even know his name or what part of the world he was. Until he met Zarath, who jugged his memory and made him remember in the strangest of ways. From being sucked into a book to repossessing his old body and his old life, Peter was made to remember everything that has happened until the very end. But that end was just the beginning. A beginning that would take him beyond his wildest imagination of what life, no matter how lost, could still be.

Meanwhile, after their son’s death, Theresa and Gino packed their bags and moved to the US to start a new life. After decades of spending time away from each other, they’re forced to live together in a foreign land. As past wounds come to the surface, Theresa has to grapple with what it means to start all over again after everything she’s ever dreamed of fell apart. Finding strength in herself she otherwise didn’t know, Theresa restarts her life in ways that both terrifies and energizes her.

Life, Everlasting is a story of a family coping with loss. Told in alternating voices of Peter and Theresa, it is a story of new beginnings, of finding one’s footing in strange grounds and of marching on and discovering that life goes on for both the departed and those left behind.

It is also a story about eternal life and what heaven means in the concept of eternity. What happens to each and everyone of us after we depart this Earth and move on to another. It is a story about the ties that bind, the connections that link us beyond death and unto the everlasting life.


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