Silversion (Wood Cow Chronicles Book 3)

| May 19, 2015


Silversion (Wood Cow Chronicles Book 3)

Unleashing dragons on the slavers at Tilk Duraow was the easy part. Now Helga and her comrades must confront foes far more powerful than ever before, as their rebellion succeeds in penetrating to the very heart of the High One’s evil order. As the oddball rebels struggle to deal with the unfolding results of their success, they discover that the path forward runs through a mysterious new city—Silverpreen—with its own hideous brand of tyranny.

Facing unimaginable dangers, including a hate-filled enemy who controls a weapon of mass destruction, mind-bending challenges hit them time and again on their way to a final confrontation with the High One. As threats to the High One’s rule mount, a secret plot by some of his closest advisors is revealed to further undermine him for their own purposes. Code named Silversion, this unexpected development puts the High One in a desperate position, squeezed between opposing forces. In a climactic confrontation, the High One faces an ultimatum: either go into exile or face the greatest and most unusual attack force he’s ever seen. His choice will alter the destiny, not just of his own realm, but of far-flung lands across the planet.

Mind-blowing new worlds, sophisticated storytelling, never-quit action, and characters that will long stick in readers’ minds, make this an epic tale for all ages.


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