Love’s Mysterious Shadows

| May 19, 2015


Love's Mysterious Shadows (A Modern Love & Romance Book Series 1)

Love’s Mysterious Shadows

Twenty-seven year old Raven Duff is a woman recovering from a terrible relationship and looking to reinvigorate her life. She redevotes herself to her career to become a successful, single, independent, working woman. She is single by choice, and is convinced that love isn’t for her. With her new career opportunity and new relationship blossoms with a co-worker.

Theodore is the handsome, old man that Raven is drawn to. But, with both of their jobs at stack, would this relationship be worth pursuing. And, what would their boss say or do if he ever found out about their personal relationship despite having company policy against this kind of behavior? What happens when their relationship is put to the test?

This book is the first in a series of a modern love and romance story.

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