Sage Advice to Cover Up a Murder!

| May 19, 2015


Sage Advice to Cover Up a Murder! (Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series Book 2)

The Second Book in the Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series!

Recipes Included!

Teenager Logan Jones looked forward to summers with his beloved, artisan baker, Aunt Mel in the Outer Banks of North Carolina all year long. The middle-aged widow showed him more love and support for those few months of the year than his parents did all year long.

Last summer had been extraordinary. It started out by ensnaring his aunt in a murder mystery right in her own bakery – the Kill Devil Delicacies. Once solved, Logan had enjoyed every minute that remained of his vacation; fishing, surfing, as well as hanging out with his new pretty friend, Emily Hawkins. This summer Logan yearned to spend more time fishing and with Emily, and less time solving mysteries.

As the young man woke before dawn on the first day of his summer vacation to go fishing at Oregon Inlet, he was full of optimism and joy. Too bad one thing waited for him at his favorite fishing spot – the dead body of William Hawkins, Emily’s grandfather. Another summer – another murder for Logan and his Aunt Melissa Jones Maples.


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