Living The Truth Of Who You Really Are, Book One: How to Live from Inside Out with Money, Work and the Body

| April 14, 2013

Living The Truth Of Who You Really Are, Book One: How to Live from Inside Out with Money, Work and the Body

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in other people’s expectations of you? Do you literally feel that you are struggling to fit into your own skin? Do you hear the words, “who you really are,” but feel uncertain as to what this really means.
This book, Living the Truth of Who You Really Are, Volume One: How to Live from the Inside Out with Money, Work and Your Body takes you on a journey of discovering your true self. It first asks you to look at your illusions that you have around self-identity with money, work and your body. The author shares her personal struggles with each of these issues in her own life. She then asks you to lift the veil of your illusions and peel back into seeing who you really are. This dynamic process of moving from illusion through the veil and into the truth is addressed in every chapter. Each chapter ends with a call to action on your part with everyday practices to anchor living from this new found truth.
The sections in each chapter that are on the TRUTH of who you really are come through the author’s spirit voice. They have been recorded by her after coming out of meditation. They have an energy and vibration that speaks to your higher self. This voice encourages you to live from a different perspective; which is a space of unconditional love, non-judgment and soul-driven values. Instead of looking outward to the material world, this book asks you to go within and connect with your inner spiritual world. Making this shift and connection will literally turn your world outside in.
Each chapter is finalized with practices that you can do in your everyday life that will assist you in anchoring this new way of living into action. This book is a practical guide to shifting from manmade human values to spiritual and soul-driven ones that can dramatically change your life. It takes courage to lift the veil of your illusions, but when you do, you walk into a life of freedom, unconditional love and radiant abundance. You know that you are being guided to the highest expression of yourself.
Author Bio: Reverend Cathy Haven Howard is an ordained minister in the Alliance of Divine Love. She writes her books from guidance that she receives in meditation. She has been meditating daily for over twenty years. She is also the author of Spirit Expression for EveryOne a Guide for Living a Soul-driven Life which is Kindle and paperback versions. She is committed to sharing her own unique expression of her connection with Spirit with others in promoting the power of love to transform lives.


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