3 [Thrillers] (British Crime, Thrillers and Mystery)

| April 14, 2013

3 [Thrillers] (British Crime, Thrillers and Mystery)

Award-winning crime author Chris Barraclough’s fifth book is a collection of three thrilling novellas, about humans pushed to their limits, willing to do the unthinkable to get what they want.

From an imprisoned girl given one last chance for revenge, to a community pushed to breaking point by a senseless murder, this is 250 pages of extreme storytelling filled with suspense, mystery, horrific crimes, devastating dark humour and killer twists.

#1: The Borstal
In an impoverished communist country where the power-hungry government rules its citizens with terror, a girl and her brother are thrown into a dangerous institute for taming criminals and hardening its inmates into the next generation of soldiers. Their struggle for survival turns into a lust for revenge, as their story is told in two parts: the oppression of the borstal and the tragic events that led them there…

#2: Fulfilment
A thirty-something Londoner has a chance meeting with a man who could be his twin: same age, same looks, same history. But one too many coincidences reveals a shocking secret, in this deliciously dark slice of tongue-in-cheek black humour.

#3: Demon
A small island community is rocked by the sudden, violent death of one of its members, and the mysterious arrival of a stranger throws the population into chaos. Is he a demon sent to punish them all for their sins, or a sign that there’s life beyond the raging sea? The crimes and mystery are gradually revealed as the story is told from three very different viewpoints…

Scroll up and click the cover image to read a sneak preview, and check out www.chrisbarraclough.co.uk for more info on Chris’ best-selling crime and thriller Kindle novels, and to read excerpts from 3 [Thrillers] on his blog.

BONUS KINDLE CONTENT: Includes two short stories, ‘Life Take Two’ and ‘The Neighbour’, plus deleted scenes.


Chris Barraclough is a British journalist and award-winning crime author who bagged the UK Authors Award for his highly-praised debut suspense/mystery novel, “Bat Boy”, following a blind teenage boy and his brother’s search for their long-lost father (out now in paperback and on Kindle).

His follow-ups, “Crack” (shortlisted, Page Turner Prize 2011) and “Kitty” are fast-paced crime thrillers set in the notorious Twin Towers council estate, while his mystery novel ‘Dead Dogs’ was nominated for the Dylan Thomas Award.

More praise for Chris Barraclough:

“A great story, beautifully written…an excellent crime book. Once you start you will not stop, I promise you.”Graham Sclater’s Book Review Show, Venture Radio

“Fast, funny, rivetting…a glorious read”Times Suspense

“A wonderful, gripping thriller, from the first words to the last. Marvellous!”UK Crime Writers

“This is seat-of-the-pants reading, so grab yourself a drink and snack and make yourself comfortable before you start. And remember to breathe occasionally…Five Stars.”Indie Ebook Review

“I enjoyed every minute of it. Its pace is so frenetic and the events pile up one on the other so rapidly that you won’t want to put it down.”eBookanoid Reviews

“I was immediately sucked in…an action packed, tense thriller…I found the book gripping, the prose magnificent…one that I could not put down and that, I’m sure, will haunt me for some time. Five stars”Author Susan Russo Anderson


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