Blood Omen Book I: The Vampire Wars

| April 14, 2013

Blood Omen Book I: The Vampire Wars

How would you feel if you learnt that your blood could bring about the next war that would damn or save Mankind?

And what if you knew that just seven people were all that stood between you and death?

And if those seven people were vampires?

Vampires exist and Dea, unlike most people, can see them. The vampire world is divided: there are the Ko-eks, defenders of a continued peaceful co-existence with humans, and the Apophi who want to end the age of human domination; to claim the daylight and to take control of a world they see as rightfully theirs. A war is brewing between the two factions; a war Dea’s blood is prophesized to start.

Seventeen year old Dea must fight to survive in a world where even the hunters are hunted and where she is the prize. Dependent on a Coven of deadly but beautiful blood-drinkers, she begins to unravel the mystery of her past. At all costs, they must keep her out of Apophi hands. The future of the world depends on it.

Set in and around modern-day London, Blood Omen Book I: The Vampire Wars follows Dea through an exciting four weeks of twists, turns, heartbreak, horror and surprises.

Let the darkness draw you in…


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