Foxes: The Sly Red Creatures (The Great Book of Animal Knowledge 13)

| May 20, 2015


Foxes: The Sly Red Creatures (The Great Book of Animal Knowledge 13)

The Red Fox is just one of several different types of true foxes in the world. They have the most numbers and they can be found in almost every continent of the world, from the desserts to the polar regions. Red Foxes belong to the dog family, like the wolf, but smaller than the wolf. There are a lot of other types of true foxes and other types of fox-like animals that are not classified as true foxes.

Red foxes are called such because of their color. Their physical features include short ears, long legs and they are known to have very bushy tails. Their tails are used to communicate with each other and to give them perfect balance.

Read this book to learn more amazing facts about the red fox. There are interesting things to know about what they eat, their hunting styles and their family life.

Many of the questions you have about red foxes will be answered. Questions like: Where do they live? Are they social animals like wolves who belong to a pack? How do they take care of their young? What are the other different types of foxes? What are vulpes? What are their predators?

This book also contains more than 20 beautiful photos of the red fox in its environment. These picture will help children have a good image of what the red fox is like and it will help them to appreciate this animal more.


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