The Church Haunting

| May 22, 2015


The Church Haunting


Crawl through the cellar with Jackson Gray, the ghost hunter, as he tries to escape from the ghostly apparition that is closing in around him.

“He should be on the main floor of the church. But the church kept bringing him back here, to the space under the church, to the cellar.”

Jackson Came Here On A Mission To Investigate The Rumors Of A Ghostly Haunting

Now he’s “face to face” with a ghost. Are there more?

In Damian Fredericks’, “The Church Haunting”, live a gripping journey through the bowels of a haunted church in rural Midwest America. Experience the page turning haunting of two brothers tormented, of two brothers torn apart.

A Ghost Story You Won’t Soon Forget

The reports of a ghostly haunting were just the thing Jackson Gray spends his time investigating. Just the thing he always proves as a hoax. This time it’s different. Somethings not right. Father Stefano tells him “I assure you, Mister Gray, that there is nothing for you here.” If so, why does it feel different this time? Was he going crazy?

There Can’t Possibly Be A Haunting Here

Jackson isn’t convinced until he starts seeing things he can’t explain.

“So Jackson went to the corner of the cellar, slowing as he got closer, cautiously, carefully reaching into the thick shadows, feeling…feeling…”

“It was a body. A long dead, decayed body wrapped in the remains of a brown robe with a hood. A corpse.”

For the first time in his life, Jackson knows what fear feels like. It feels like death. Will Jackson escape the ghostly fire? Will he make it out alive?

“Escape Into The Suspense”


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