| April 17, 2013


Rose’s ex boyfriend Sam finds a way to get back into her apartment and back into her panties, but she isn’t ready to let go of her anger or her hatred of him. He uses that passion to fuel their lovemaking.

Excerpt:She slapped him, and hard, his face turned to the side from the force and she stood there defiantly trembling with rage and arousal as he turned back to face her. “Is that all you got?” His arrogant smile made her ache desperately but she wasn’t ready to give in. Balling her fists she tried to hit him in the face again but he caught both hands and twisted them behind her back and leaned in toward her face and sucked on her bottom lip until she wrenched her mouth free and scowled at him. “Rose, you are going to surrender to me, don’t think for a second I can’t read the signs in that sexy little willing body, you are about to soak through those panties you want this so bad. So go ahead and pretend to be mad, it will make things a little more exciting. Not that we ever had a problem with that did we?” His talk conjured images of his many creative ways to make love to her and his ability to get her off at his whim. As if those memories weren’t enough to remind her he bent his dark head down and with unerring accuracy found her nipple through her shirt and bra and pulled softly with his teeth.

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