Marietta’s Revenge

| May 23, 2015


Marietta's Revenge

A Ghost Child Hell-Bent On Revenge

Hear the footsteps of Father Akers as he runs for his life through the house of nightmares. The house that he only wishes to escape from. The house that the ghost child lives in.

“In Damian Frederricks’s “Marietta’s Revenge”, the owner of the house has spent her life trying to be safe from an evil spirit that stalks her. In an effort to confuse the spirit, she has constructed a maze of dead-end hallways and secret doors and stairways that lead nowhere. All this to keep the evil spirit out. All this to escape the ghost child that lives within the walls of this haunted house.

“You never know where being a priest will take you, the priest tells himself as he looks up at the haunted House.”

“Father Akers had never known true fear in all his life. Not until this moment.

He ran again. He ran through a house of nightmares that twisted and turned back on itself until he had lost all sense of direction or logic. He ran blindly, bumping into furniture and door frames and once into a wall that shouldn’t have been there, but was.”

“There were no windows here. Nothing to help him figure out where he was in the house. He didn’t care where he was. He only knew that he had to get out.“

Will The Priest Escape The Haunted House?

“A Ghost Story That Leaves You Wanting More”


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