Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan

| April 18, 2013

Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan

“You are a curse, Peter Pan,” Hook says, drawing nearer. “Your carelessness has ruined countless lives. Everything you touch turns to madness and that madness must end.”

Peter Pan doesn’t know right from wrong and he doesn’t care. Night after night, for untold years, Peter Pan flew into children’s rooms and took them to a far away land with the promise of endless adventure. That is until one night in Port Royal, when Peter meets James Hoodkins and sets events in motion that create his greatest enemy: Captain James Hook.

This prequel to the iconic novel, Peter Pan, written by J. M. Barrie, tells the life of the man who becomes the symbol for piracy around the world. Captain James Hook has reason and wit behind his seething hatred for Peter Pan. If only someone would listen…


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