Ravens Guard

| May 24, 2015


Ravens Guard

Erren Raven’s life was all a lie. It all started when a dog was found dead on his school field, little did he know this was the beginning of the adventure of his life.

A mysterious man takes Erren, his sister and his friend Toby to another world vastly different from their own. A world where they are more important then they could ever of imagined. A world filled with sorcery, Ogres, monsters and an evil never seen before. There he must overcome his fears and lead a newly formed guard unit to battle the evil threatening to overthrow the city of Ventris.

Erren and his guard have animals mind bonded to them that they can wield with deadly force in the fight against the sorcerer Notoreas and his terrifying army.

Three teenagers.

A fledgling guard unit.

And a frog called Dave.

Can they defeat the evil before it defeats them…

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