Elvis the frog

| May 24, 2015


Elvis the frog: Part 1

Elvis the frog is a short story. Suitable for ages 8+

This story tells the tale of a little frog who becomes separated from his family. And when captured by a girl, called Diana, learns that sometimes frogs have to grow up quickly.

Elvis the frog’s goal is therefore to find the strength to persevere, and the determination to escape.

But, as Diana grows more attached to Elvis, he wishes only for freedom from where he has been placed. His only wish is to be back home with his family.

But, Diana too, has her own problems. When she returns to school, after the summer holidays, she is heard not telling the truth, by her nasty neighbour, Annabelle. Diana, is then challenged to put Elvis into a frog race.

But the question now is, will this competition result in further animosity between Diana’s family and her neighbours? Or will the competition results in friendship and a positive outcome for everyone?

Will Elvis ever find freedom?

And, will he ever have fun, splash about, and ever swim again?


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