The Sugar Men: A Story of Holocaust Echoes

| May 25, 2015


The Sugar Men - A Story of Holocaust Echoes

The Sugar Men – A Story of Holocaust Echoes.

Susannah Morgan has been settled in sleepy North Carolina for almost sixty-five years, but is still haunted by memories of her escape from the holocaust as a child.

For most of her life the flashbacks have been a lonely obsession – one she has managed to hide from her children.

But as her life draws to a close her memories start asking questions, and the only way she can find answers is to return to the scene of the unspeakable crime.

Against the wishes of her children she flies back to Germany to find her truth. What she discovers there explains so much about who she is, who her children are, and how the wretched legacy of the holocaust is wide and deep and persistent.

The Sugar Men is the novel based on the short story: The Lucky One.

(approx. 80,000 words)

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