Love In Paris

| May 25, 2015


Love In Paris

Robin travels to Paris on business and soon discovers why it’s called the City of Love.

Fresh off the plane, in a jet lagged state, she stumbles into a cute café where an adonis makes her latte. She allows him to take her to dinner… and they talk on and on. Robin discovers that Gilles is actually the café owner she’s supposed to interview for one of her articles. During the interview she gets to know him even better. She’s falling hard and fast for Gilles. But what will happen when her assignment ends and she has to go back home?

It’s a shock to Gilles’ system when Robin first walks into his cafe. She’s as yummy as the desserts he makes there. After getting to know her he’s even crazier about the lovely magazine journalist. He arranges a get together so she can meet his family.

Robin wants to stay in Paris with Gilles but her career is rocketing forward and a big promotion’s waiting for her back home. Will the romance of a lifetime put an end to the career she’s worked so hard for?

Gilles knows Robin’s assignment in Paris will be over soon and she’ll be leaving. But what can he do about it? He can’t give up his family’s café after everything he’s done to keep it going. Gilles isn’t planning anything drastic, is he?

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