Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, A Romantic Murder Comedy

| May 26, 2015


Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, A Romantic Murder Comedy: A Short Story of Organized Betrayal by the Mistress, the Husband and the Wife

Triple Action Deceit There Were Two Murders That Night . . . . . . .

The clueless wife and an overly ambitious mistress, puts Jeffery Morgan in a tough position.

Mr. Morgan’s mistress is little more than a playful distraction, until she starts making demands. When it becomes clear his mistress is a professional extortionist, Jeffery Morgan tries to restore balance, to his already broken, marriage. Murder enters the picture, but not without the mental support from a co-worker. Comedy sets in when the drunk Mr. Morgan goes shopping for a murder weapon. From infidelity, blackmail, and murder, the Morgan’s marriage, is per-determined. A serious crime in the mist of comedy.

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