Perilous Grace: Avenging Angel 2

| May 27, 2015


Perilous Grace: Avenging Angel 2

When an Avenging Angel falls for a Reaper, there’s more than hell to pay – it’s war.

To bring her Reaper lover back from the dead, Avenging Angel Evangeline Grace sacrificed a wing and her heavenly Grace to a Fallen known as the Baron. Her choice has set in motion a chain of events that could ignite a war between heaven and earth.

Now a Fallen herself, Evie must reluctantly help a group of mysterious angels and a traitorous Fae Queen stop the Baron from opening an ancient vault. Hidden in the Los Angeles hills, the vault holds the secret to freeing rebel spirits imprisoned for defying heaven. Spirits who have neither forgiven, nor forgotten, the angels who put them there.

Evie had laughed when Trick asked if her wing might play a part in some grand apocalyptic plan by the Baron. Suddenly, the idea doesn’t seem quite so funny.

Rogue Nephilim and impending war are not the lovers’ only problems. Trick, crippled by guilt over Evie’s loss of Grace, is fighting the return of his dark, Reaper nature. A battle the Baron says he cannot win. A Reaper’s power is to corrupt, and every day he spends with Evie drags her further down into the abyss with him.

Evie and Trick desperately try to puzzle out the plots and counterplots before the vault is opened. Are the rebels the real danger ? Or is the true threat the angels who imprisoned them? No one is what they seem and the lines between good and evil blur almost beyond recognition.

Cursed relics, rogue angels, Fae warriors, a Voodoo King, and an army of the dead converge in a climactic battle in the California desert. Too late, Evie realizes an ex-earthbound angel is no match for the machinations of Heaven. One wrong step and she could lose Trick – and her soul – forever.


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