9 to 5 Hell Freedom: How to make a decent living as a online Freelancer

| May 27, 2015


9 to 5 Hell Freedom: How to make a decent living as a online Freelancer

When lost people think of outsourcing a single call centers or more specifically, those annoying telemarketers that always seem to call at the most inopportune moment, such as just when you’re sitting down to dinner or just as your favorite sports team is about to win the big game. However there is far more to outsourcing than simply being a telemarketer, anything can be outsourced from coding and computer programming to graphic design, video production, secretarial work, research, article writing book editing transcription and just about anything you can think of as long as the product or service can be transmitted electronically e-mailed, scanned or snail mailed it can be “outsourced” meaning that you are paid to write an article or slogan by the owner of a restaurant or company. They outsource these jobs you, rather than paying or hiring a new member of staff.

There are a wide variety of reasons why a company or entrepreneur may choose to outsource a project or service it may be that outsourcing a project is simply the most cost effective way to accomplish their goal. For instance, if a company wishes to freshen up the content of their website to make it more attractive to potential customers and increase their profit margin, but their product line or services don’t change very much and he doesn’t make sense for a business to hire a full-time writer when they can simply outsourced the job on an “as needed basis.” And pay a one-time fixed price for each individual project.


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