Second Hand Stops: Book I: Benefactor (The Van Burens 1)

| May 28, 2015


Second Hand Stops: Book I: Benefactor (The Van Burens 1)


See why Katie St. Claire is a Publisher’s Weekly star of 2014, and Second Hand Stops is a Readers Favorite Five-Star book.

Julia Malone lands on the doorstep of an old English manor at the age of three. She’s abandoned and alone, later joined by five paranormal children with the same telepathic abilities.

When the teens reach eighteen, the mistress of their manor presents them with an unbelievable opportunity with curious strings attached. They must drink an elixir that promises to prolong their lives. At the conclusion of this mad science experiment, they become wealthy beyond their wildest imaginations, thanks to a mysterious benefactor from New York City.

The children meet Claude Van Buren, the man behind the elixir. They assist in a global launch of Immortality, a facial product marketed to the world as the new fountain of youth. Julia and the others become the youngest executives at Van Buren Industries, a diverse giant positioned in the global market.

Interwoven between the pages of this intriguing plot is a romantic love story that spans a lifetime. Her paranormal journey of ethical dilemmas, a heartbreaking love triangle, hidden family secrets, and a fight to stay alive, finally erupts in the conclusion of The Van Burens.

Start the story in Second Hand Stops, continue the action in Rewind, and prepare for the shocking conclusion in Fast Forward. Discover The Van Burens and ask yourself one thing. Are they out there?

Coming of age fantasy with plenty of humor to keep you on your toes. Enter the mystery that is The Van Burens.


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