The Waiting Game (Garvey Fields Book 1)

| May 28, 2015


The Waiting Game (Garvey Fields Book 1)

“If it were easy everyone would do it!”

He’s from Brooklyn, he’s got a dirty mouth, he’s always thinking about sex and he can’t let an investigation go once he gets started. He is P.I Garvey Fields. Garvey Fields has taken a good job in a hotel as the chief of security because money is low and he’s got a crush on the sexy receptionist. However what starts out as an unruly guest keep the guests up and trying to entice a young groupie into some freaky sex game; soon turns into the murder of a man blackmailed for something he did years earlier.

And there’s a mysterious woman in the penthouse suite with some dangerous baggage who wants to make Garvey her personal plaything. Before long he’s looking for work elsewhere and trying to figure out who killed who, were, why and when. Added to the mix is an up and coming singer who is being manipulated by a record label boss that has many fingers in many pies.

Whether you want with dialogue, sexy characters or just a good old racy mystery romp, this book is a fast paced enjoyable read.


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