Shivers (The Horror Diaries Book 5)

| May 28, 2015


Shivers (The Horror Diaries Book 5)

Feel the chill…

Heather Beck presents Shivers, an anthology of curses and secrets.

Night Of The Vampire

Strange rituals, strict curfews, people who live in constant fear…there’s something wrong in Kristine’s new town of Darscadia; something that only comes out at night to drink human blood.

Long Live The Bonsai

When twins, Caddy and Cody find a bonsai tree in an old attic, they discover that it holds the secret to eternal youth.

The Wildest West

A school trip turns into a nightmare when the class arrives in a ghost town that was once home to three very evil cowboys.

Curses Never Die

Beneath the waters of Hawaii lies a rare and beautiful diamond, but when amateur divers, Erin and Dustin, discover the treasure, they learn the hard way that it’s cursed.


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