The Finished Life: An Adventure into Identity, Purpose, and Power

| June 1, 2015


The Finished Life: An Adventure into Identity, Purpose, and Power

What is the finished life?

The Finished Life is the life you would dream of having, if you believed it were actually possible. A life of passion, joy, and significance; where potential is realized, and dreams are fulfilled.

Through deep personal revelation, and years of intensive research, Pedro Adao clearly and powerfully presents the beliefs, processes, principles, and methods that were at work in the historically most impactful life ever lived.

If you desire to live a life of massive positive impact, that will only grow in its significance with the passing of time, then come and learn the timeless principles and strategies offered in The Finished Life and let them serve as your person roadmap into your truest identity, purpose, and power.

Praise for The Finished Life

A life anchored in identity and purpose is authentic, and the most fulfilling. Pedro Adao has written a wonderful book to help us in this regard.With a gift for asking great questions, The Finished Life provides an opportunity for changed thinking, as well as the inspiration for taking the appropriate action towards the fulfillment of purpose.

Bill Johnson

Bethel Church, Redding, California

Author of When Heaven Invades Earth

The Finished Life is a finishing school for leaders. Drawing on quotes from great historical leaders Pedro adds personal insights and lands our focus on the greatest leader of all. This book offers helpful, practical steps in following this amazing life, curing double mindedness, and extinguishing the plague of dualism.

Dan McCollam

Mission Church Vacaville, California

Bethel School of the Prophets and Author of God Vibrations

Pedro Adao’s book “The Finished Life” is more than a self-help book, it is a self-discovery experience. In this book the reader is exposed to truth’s that, if applied, will open new territories of possibilities to explore. Pedro brilliantly reveals the life of Jesus of Nazareth as the ultimate model for not just finishing strong, but finishing mission accomplished.

David Crone

Senior Leader of The Mission Church, Vacaville California

Author of The Power of Your Life Message, and Prisoner of Hope


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