Exploring Your Unplanned Pregnancy: Single Motherhood, Adoption and Abortion Questions and Resources

| June 4, 2015


Exploring Your Unplanned Pregnancy: Single Motherhood, Adoption, and Abortion Questions and Resources

This book asks essential questions about single motherhood, adoption, and abortion to help you carefully think through your decisions about your unplanned pregnancy. Practical information in its resource chapters streamline your search for qualified assistance and save time. Its thoroughness and balance make it useful in opening a conversation with loved ones. Let this book be your kind companion as you explore your pregnancy to make the right decisions for you.

Deciding to be a mother includes being willing to be a single mother should you lose your partner .The book’s single motherhood questions help you explore how single motherhood would affect you, your partner, your child, and your family. Use it to assess your single mothering skills. Or your partner’s. The resources help with cost calculation, money, fathering, stress management, and self-care.

Adoption agencies now have more flexibility to respond to your choices about the adoption process, selecting adoptive parents, and post-adoption arrangements. New choices are available to shape a future relationship with your child. Explore the resources to learn about adoption law,the various types of adoption, expense payment, maternity homes, and how to make connections.

Besides legal and ethical issues, the abortion chapters discuss determining how far along you are, miscarriage, types of surgical abortion, supportive resources, medical abortion with RU 486, paying for abortion, and finding appropriate abortion providers.

Your decision about your pregnancy is essentially irreversible at some point. You have to live with it the rest of your life. Can you afford not to study this book to make it your own well-thought-out decision?


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