Aurelion: Eternal Balance: The Coin

| May 30, 2015


Aurelion: Eternal Balance: The Coin

Young, cool, unique – these are the voices of Lights Amidst Shadows, a writing team of more than twenty Bulgarian authors, who, in spite of the shadowy political atmosphere in their post-communist home country, tell us a story about larger-than-life events on the mystical planet Aurelion. The planet is inhabited by people, elves, dwarves, kobolds, ogres and other mythical creatures, but it resembles our world in more than one way. Its denizens have turned their backs on their natural magical skills and talents and are now slaves of the modern world – technology, politics, entertainment, the easy way of living. One day, a homeless little elf steals an ancient coin from a drunk mage, and this is where our grand adventure begins, told in the vibrant voices of our collective of young authors.

Aurelion is a tale of another world, mirroring our own. Every character and every event contain a message of a better tomorrow, coming from the hearts of a handful of young people who keep the magic of creativity and the desire to be kind alive. Read it and find out for yourself.


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