Mr Bingle Bongle

| May 31, 2015


Mr Bingle Bongle

Mr Bingle Bongle is a book for children of all ages with illustrations in black and white. The eponymous Mr Bongle is a strange cove, who in this adventure celebrates Spring with a picnic. He falls into a contented sleep and doesn’t wake up till it’s dark. Can he make it through the scary woods back home to his tree house? Why not join him and see.

A quick interview with the author.

Q1: So, Nigel, where did you get the idea for this book?

AUTHOR: Well, believe it or not, I dreamed the story one night, woke up and it was still there in my mind so I quickly wrote it down. It was almost as it appears in the book with just some small changes and an added verse or two.

Q2: That’s quite a story in itself, lucky you didn’t go back to sleep. Who do you think this book will appeal to.

AUTHOR: I hope it will appeal to all ages, though it is obviously a children’s book. I’d say ideally for kids aged 5 and over who my be able to read it for themselves. Of course, it is a nice tale for preschool kids to hear as a bedtime story or whenever. My two boys love the book, one is three now and the other eight.

Q3: What children’s books are your personal favourites and why?

AUTHOR: Good question. Hmmm, there are so many good books out there at the moment. I like the Julia Donaldson books like The Gruffalo, The Snail and the Whale, Stick Man etc.. They are simple ideas, happy endings normally with a clever twist somewhere inside. I also love Axel Scheffler’s illustrations. You can endure even the worst written book if the pictures are good. I also like the classics like The Tiger who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr, The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and . My youngest, like me, also loves the Thomas the Tank Engine stories by the Rev. W. Awdry, he has about a hundred wooden trains so far.

Q4: Is this book going to be part of a series?

Author: Yes, I sincerely hope so. In fact I have already outlined the second book. Most of the narrative is there, it will need some more work though. Then there’s the drawings to be done, it’s all time consuming, but yes it has been started.

Q5: Do you have any other books that you are working on?

Author: Indeed I do. The next book I plan to bring out is a reading book for kids aged from 6-10 or there abouts. It is an adventure book about a young boy who daydreams a little too much and ends up on a dangerous adventure. That will be coming out later in the year and will also be part of a series. I also have planned a book on script writing but that will be next year in all probability.

Q: You’re a very busy man. Thank you for your time and for answering a few questions for us.

AUTHOR: No problem, it was a pleasure.


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