Thunar’s Betrayal

| June 1, 2015


Thunar's Betrayal: A SciFi Alien Romance (Romance, Alien Romance, Alien Abduction)

A secret long forgotten….

Violet could hardly believe her ears. The old decrepit Ms Haggarty was once engaged and the breakup was caused by a steamy romance with a delicious alien. Had she totally lost her mind?

An encounter never to be forgotten….

However that night Violet’s world is turned upside down. Woken from what she thought was a dream, to feel the passionate kiss of a gorgeous sexy grey Hydean called Thunar. Finding herself in a strange, mysterious land she has intense feelings that she can’t explain. Never before has she felt so much passion in one kiss – left desperately longing for more.

A yearning for more….

It was very short lived though and she was returned to Earth – back to her normal, menial life. Violet doesn’t know how she can go on without Thunar. She is consumed with thoughts of being held in those muscular arms and feeling such passion again. Will they find a way to be together or will this just be a glorious memory?

★☆★ A sexy, seductive and gripping short read that is perfect for fans of Cassie Cross, J.S. Scott, Chloe Hawk and Hannah Ford ★☆★


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