Texan Instincts

| June 1, 2015


Texan Instincts (Short Story Series): Wild & Free In Texas (Texas Romance, Texas Romance Series, Cowboy Romance, Western Romance)

A Steamy Texan Romance Novel With Interesting Twist and Turns

Texas Romance

Karen was out of Veterinary college and looking for some peaceful quiet before she began her full-fledged career as a vet. She chose her aunt’s ranch in rural Texas for a vacation, but the vacation proved to be the most unsettling period in her life.

At the ranch she comes across the enigmatic cowboy, Todd, who with his intense personality and a commanding presence shakes up the otherwise level headed Karen. Karen is immediately attracted to him but at a subconscious level. Todd is also an expert in animal care and husbandry and Karen finds that she can learn a lot from the confident rancher.

The fact that Todd is devastatingly handsome does not help her either and Karen finds herself helplessly floored by Todd’s charm. Though reticent at first, Todd too seems to be attracted to Karen and they are soon entwined in a passionate relationship. But Karen finds Todd has created a barrier around himself, from where she has been cut off which leads to confusions and miscommunications. However the veil of misunderstanding is lifted and the lovers reconcile, but trouble looms ahead. Todd’s past which had till now remained shrouded in mystery threatens to invade their present and destroy their lives.

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