Bestfriend: My First Kiss

| May 31, 2015


Bestfriend: My First Kiss

Jenny and Gabby are best friends. Their parents are schoolmate in High school that is why they knew each other. While Jenny is walking bringing chocolates, she asked herself whether she would eat it or give it to Gabby.


This sound caught her attention and she searched for the source of it. She smiles when she saw her best friend Gabby. Gabby is three years older in Jenny’s age of ten.

“Gabby! Come here!”

Gabby walks quickly towards Jen.


“Do you want to eat chocolates?”

He smiles and shakes his head. “We can divide it Jen, is that okay?”


She bites the other side and gave the remaining chocolates to Gabby.

When Jenny and Gabby are walking, they never noticed that they are already standing in front of Jenny’s house.


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